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Learn the Facts:

Dear Readers,

Thank you for visiting the official campaign site of John McClane for Hardest Dier. We appreciate your continued support.

It has come to our attention that there is confusion regarding the correct campaign site on the internet. After the last historical film, we can all agree that the internet is at best, a compromised forum for discussion. In fact, this website went under various checks and screens by none other than John McClane himself. In order to assure you, the reader of this website, and our candidate himself, please read on about the candidate, John McClane.

We must all be careful who to support in these historic times, and none other than John McClane has proved himself worthy of that support. After several tests in the field, John has proven himself to be the most capable hard dier in the country. After Nakatomi in 1988, Dulles in 1990, and New York City in 1995 we know that John is a man for the hardest dying job. Please see below for clarifying facts about John McClane's campaign.


Mary Jeys, Campaign Manager for McClane 08

The Facts

Here are some historic locations where John McClane has taken down terrorist robbers threatening our security in the US of A. Please note that this history spans almost 10 years. He is our most historically qualified and documented anti-terror operative on native soil. He has protected us from these attacks:

Know the Difference

There is confusion about the nature of the John McClane 08 campaign. Here are some points to remember: