Play: yahtz-idency

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photo credit: Margaret Lee

Saturday, February 3rd was the inaugural yahtzidency at Sun Spot at Sky Village Swap Meet in Yucca Valley. We played with handmade ceramic cups and dice and a scoresheet designed by hand. I am taking applications for new yahtzidents! If you are interested in becoming playing with me, please see the open call here.

photo credit: Margaret Lee

My first yahtz-ident, Lara Wilson and I played yahtz at the Swap Meet and instigated a space for play and exchange on a sunny day and mediated our impressions of chance, fortunes, and futures at a table anointed with the magic circle of play.

photo credit: Hashem Bajwa

New yahtz-idents applied and played on the same Saturday: Nick Brown and Margaret Lee.

photo credit: Mary Jeys

yahtz bundles are now available at Sun Spot in the shop if you would like to take home the handmade ceramic dice and cups as well as scoresheets designed by hand.

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