From Imaginary Landscapes: (Image links take you to Compound Gallery)

Conflict, Days 270-294, 2022, 22 x 16.5″, watercolor on paper mounted on board
High-Rise, Days 583-585, 2022, 22 x 16.5″, watercolor on paper mounted on board
Constant, Days 227-229, 2022, 22.5 x 17″, watercolor on paper mounted on board


The Brooklyn Torch Project, March 2009- Present

A social engagement project in the form of a local currency providing a paper means of exchange in North Brooklyn. Currently circulating to support the resident community. The Brooklyn Torch Project brings together communities to improve social and economic ties.

The Atrium Podcast at 5559 Greenridge, March-Sept 2016


A short-length audio file for your dogwalk, your daily exercise, your short commute. The show is a weekly 10-30 minute audio show with neighborhood news/updates; segments on local legends/lore; field recordings; and personal musings about wildlife, history, technology, and the ways that we do and don’t communicate with the people closest to us.This is an open WiFi router serving media to mobile devices within a one lot radius of 5559 Greenridge. Files are located on a USB drive available once you are connected to the router. See project post here.

Dobbin Project Space, October 2012-September 2013

A storefront work and event space for community-focused creative individuals and projects in Williamsburg/Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Die Hard Teddy Bears, February 2013


Stuffed Bears painted to represent injuries from each of the Die Hard films. Made for the premier of the latest Die Hard film, A Good Day to Die Hard.

A Day In The Park, June 2009

A twenty-four player, four team game with Pollie Barden, Doris Cacoilo, and Giana Gonzalez. Player teams solved tangram puzzles and scavenger missions in Central Park, New York City. Come Out And Play Festival

Destruction Sounds, June 2009

Destruction Sounds on Huffduffer
Two hour show on destruction on Free103.9.

Destroy NY, March 2009

Installation documentation of video/animatino collaboration with Francisca Caporali. Animated and live video recreating scenes of destruction of NYC in big-budget feature films. 160 Columbus Avenue in New York City.

CRASH Radio Segment, January 2009

Stock Market Crash Audio on Huffduffer
Radio project addressing sounds of crashing produced for Giant Ear))) radio on Free 103.9.

LMCC Swing Space Residency, 2008

Watching videos

Collaboration with Francisca Caporali. Video and hand-drawn animation of New York City destruction from recreated from major motion pictures.

Vote Free or Die Hard, February 2008

Documentary by Henry Lu, Joe Rudge and Dan Maloney.

Full Project Website: Vote Free Or Die Hard

Die Hard Merry Xmas, December 2007

Christmas Card choice 1
Set of 3 Christmas cards.

Die Hard Rolodex, October 2007

Die Hard Rolodex
A vintage rolodex with marker drawings on acetate of every frame from an explosion scene from the film, Die Hard.