Atrium Podcast at 5559 Greenridge

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A short-length audio file for your dogwalk, your daily exercise, your short commute. Topics include local wildlife sightings, neighborhood legends I’ve heard, field recordings and more. The show is a weekly 10-30 minute audio show with neighborhood news/updates; segments on local legends/lore; field recordings; and personal musings about wildlife, history, technology, and the ways that we do and don’t communicate with the people closest to us. The podcast will be available exclusively within the neighborhood through September 2016. A compilation for broader interest will be available in the fall.

Who Can Participate?
This box/router/show is for neighbors and their visiting friends. Much like our little free library on the corner of Crown Court and Greenridge Road, you have to physically be in the Greenridge neighborhood to access the router and thus the show. The concept is to create a very local channel showcasing and communicating neighborhood’s richness, thoughtfulness and creative appreciation.

Open Invitation:
Any neighborhood group or individual is welcome to add materials for inclusion in the Atrium Podcast at 5559 Greenridge. Create or share a pre-existing 5-20 minute audio something (.mp3 file) on topics from your local interactions, ideas, creative projects. Send me some photos or videos and I’ll happily add them to the archive or directly into the show.

I Don’t Live Here, How Can I Listen?
After 6 months of producing this show exclusively for this neighborhood, I will create a compilation of the best segments for archive both for the local neighbors and for outside interest.

More Info:
This is an open WiFi router serving media to mobile devices within a one lot radius of 5559 Greenridge. Files are located on a USB drive connected to the router. The router is not connected to the world wide web, so joining this router will not connect you to anything other than the local files on the USB drive. You can download the mp3 file directly after joining the network. There is no data tracking to report who has connected to the show, only a count of the number of times it has been accessed. This project uses the tutorial by Jason Griffey to create a LibraryBox which is a fork of the PirateBox project by David Darts. Please get in touch if you want to set up your own router show in Greenridge.


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